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How Coronavirus Affects UFC 249 | Ferguson vs Gaethje

UFC 249 Ferguson vs Gaethje Live fight will be April 2020. The coronavirus disease 2019 known as COVID 19 continues to spread across the globe. Countries have responded to the pandemic by postponing or canceling large-scale entertainment events such as art fairs. Countries have responded to the pandemic by postponing or canceling large-scale entertainment events such as art fairs Since mid-march Bahrain has announced that their annual f1 Grand Prix event will take place behind closed doors. The Bundesliga may finish the season without spectators the Indian Wells Masters tennis tournament was canceled. with others expected to follow while Italy, the hardest-hit European country with more than 7,000 cases has banned spectators from attending sporting events including Serie A football games as for mixed martial arts. Euro African promotion Ares FC postponed an upcoming event in Belgium because

UFC 249coronavirus concerns One championship followed suit shortly thereafter and postponed its March 20 show in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. After hosting its previous events in Singapore behind closed doors Other promotions such as KSW and Pancrase off’ postponed upcoming events while combating Americas announced a quote Proactive plan end quote that included postponing upcoming shows and schedule. New ones on a closed TV set studio Quote Kombat II America’s mission is to bring together people throughout u.s Mexico.

South America and Spain and that require frequent travel to an array of locations both foreign and domestic end quote come back to America CEO Campbell McClaren. Stated Quote our live studio version of combat Americas will continue to deliver and quote Even the UFC 249 began bracing itself for potential coronavirus.

Complications in March during a pre-fight media scrum Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White admitted that cove at 19 was a quite serious problem and that the UFC was already taking steps to mitigate its effect quote we all should have plans White said, in response to a question about the measures the UFC is taking in the face of the Issue quote.

This is a serious problem We’re looking at how this will affect our business. This year and how we battle this thing moving forward We’re already working on this We’ve been working on this since a month and a half ago and quotes. The UFC was defiant about postponing or canceling any of their upcoming shows. They held you have super resilient an empty arena, They attempted to move UFC London stateside and responds to England’s newly implemented restrictions And they tried to move to fight nights in Ghana versus Rosen strike and Overeem versus Harris to the UFC apex Ultimately, the UFC was forced to abandon all three cards For SB Nation MMA.

I’m Shaquille maggiore and let’s extrapolate the potential problems the UFC might face as the coronavirus continues to spread in North America and why the promotion should consider mitigating the spread of the infectious disease COVID 19  is an infectious disease caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome. Coronavirus 2 Which is a virus related to SARS the infection spreads via respiratory droplets from Airways Like coughing or sneezing while the onset of symptoms such as fever shortness of breath and headache is between 2 and 14 days, However, given that the incubation period ranges from 1 to 14 days averaging 5 to 6 It is possible to spread the virus before being aware that you have been infected yourself.

Due to the infectious nature of the disease Global Health Organization’s including the World Health Organization, has published preventive measures to reduce the chances of spreading the infection in locations with outbreaks. These preventive measures include staying home avoiding travel Staying away from large-scale public gatherings and practicing good respiratory hygiene. such as washing hands with soap and water Coughing into a bent elbow and avoiding touching your face unnecessarily There remains no specific treatment for covid19 The research is currently underway a vaccination is unlikely to be available for another 18 months.

Which means that other preventative measures will be required to contain the spread this leads us back to large-scale public events such as concerts movie theaters festivals and sports events and the steps many have taken as a Precaution to protect spectators and attendees from a contracting the disease While many sports organizations have canceled or postponed their upcoming events others and less troubled regions are recommended to increase staff requirements for cleaning and disinfecting venues Others are developing policies protocols and guidelines for how to recognize symptoms or identify potential new cases These measures will help protect fans in attendance and limit the potential spread of the disease.

UFC president Dana White has no intention of outright canceling the UFC 249 pay-per-view headlined by Ferguson vs Gaethje, in Fact, he believes the event will likely be held outside of the US as opposed to Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York This after Governor Andrew M Cuomo declared a state of emergency. The UFC will continue to face obstacles as it tries to move forward with its event calendar and yet despite the continued spread of the covid19 pandemic. White has no intention of postponing or canceling UFC 249 or the events subsequent to its quote. I don’t give a shit about the Coronavirus end quote white told TSN sports reporter Aaron bronze that is following UFC 248 quote as far as I’m concerned We’ll continue to run our business. Do you think the UFC should continue on with UFC 249 Live and future events Coronavirus Affects UFC 249.

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